The Artists of Silversea

This entertainment program derives its success from the collaboration of talent provided by classically trained singers, musical directors and director / choreographers.

The Artists are contracted through Choozi Entertainment and perform anywhere from 6 to 8 months onboard the vessels of Silversea Cruises, Ltd. They come to the program with their own Cabaret show, a large repertoire of music, and the ability to learn additional shows created by Choozi Entertainment’s selected Creative Teams, as well as shows they themselves create for the guests of Silversea Cruises once onboard.

Silversea is a privately owned cruise line, with headquarters in Monaco, the ships sailing under the flag of the Bahamas. Artists are primarily United States Citizens, but do hail from other parts of the world as well.

The Artists are available for hire, either through Choozi Entertainment, or by contacting them directly, so check back often to see the myriad of talent that comes through this highly regarding entertainment program.

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On January 24th, somewhere in the Pacific, the Silver Whisper, on it’s World Cruise journey, hosted in it’s theater a new opera performance, created by Christopher Childers of Sky King Entertainment, and produced by Suzanne Childers of Choozi Entertainment, the current show producer for Silversea Cruises.

To say ARIA was a hit is not an exaggeration.  The World Cruisers have now witnessed first hand what the team at Choozi REALLY does when allowed to envision and create entertainment that has never been done before.  Suzanne gave full rein to Christopher to create this show without the encumbrances so many producers lay on their directors and choreographers (if you saw SMASH, you get the idea!).  Suzanne even added two additional performers for the 4 month journey, knowing the impact 8 classically trained voices would have together in a small theater, on a cruise ship, in opulent costumes, with gorgeous projection surrounding them.

As to the projection, there wasn’t even a moment’s hesitation when Christopher suggested bringing in Gilles Papain, scenogrphy designer of note (Disney’s World of Color, Franco Dragone’s A New Day with Celine Dion, The Crazy Horse, Paris, to name but a few), knowing the additional cost this would bring to Chooz’s production budget.  The pre production for this show alone was one third of the cost of the original Artists of Silversea program.

ARIA is a ‘smash up’ of famous opera characters … mixing the old with the new … beautifully performed arias with visually stunning costumes and scenography, all with a modern twist … even the movement Christopher choose for this show was a mixture of styles and dance forms, inclusive of street dance / pop locking, which the guests went wild for!!

Choozi is so proud of this spectacular show and would like to publically thank and congratulate all those who played a part in its success!  Kudos to the Creative and Performing Teams.  They are:


            Christopher Childers – Director/Choreographer

            Michael Brennan – Music Director 

            Gilles Papain - Scenographer

            Cesar Cancino – Associate Music Director

            Brian Kennedy – Associate Music Director

            Victoria Ridenour – Costume Designer and Fabricator

            Vincent Ortega – Assistant to Christopher Childers and Technical Director

            Stephen Cataluna – Stage Manager


            Vicki Van Tassel – The Valyrie and the Protagonist for ARIA

            Melissa Cook (Cio Cio San) – Puccini’s Un Bel Di 

            Vincent Ortega & Justin Reynolds (Zuria & Nadir) – Bizet’s Pearl Fisher Duet

            Kathleen Burgoon (Carmen) – Bizet’s Habanera w/ Vincent, Vicki, and Justin

            Camilla Twisselman (The Diva) – Donizetti’s Il Dolce Suono (5th Element)

            Ryan Ralph (Tonio) – Leoncavallo’s Vesti la Giubba

            Jonathan Shade (Jean Val Jean) – Boublil and Schonberg’s Bring Him Home

            Entire Ensemble – Mahler Finale

A special thanks to Eric Roney of Silversea, as well as Silversea Cruises, for upgrading the projectors and soundboard in the Whisper’s theater to accommodate this show.

ARIA 1sm ARIA 2sm
ARIA 3sm ARIA 4sm




Wind 2

Anastasia Lange

Anastasia Lange

 David Artavia

David Artavia

Jovani McCleary

Jovani McCleary

Gabriel Lopez

Gabriel Lopez

 Julian McCleary

Julian McCleary

Emma Twito

Emma Twito


Kara Von Aschwege

Kara Von Aschwege


Kayla Bailey

Kayla Bailey

Kashena Sampson

 Kashena Sampson

Matthew Ballestero

Matthew Ballestero

 Matthew Prieur

 Matthew Milo Prieur

Sara J. Hood

 SJH Headshot








Adam Ioele

Adam Ioele - Web

Brianne Martin



Amanda Bridgette

Amanda Bridgette - Web

Jason Slattery

Jason Slattery


Dedrick Bonner

Dedrick Bonner - Web

Matt Rodriguez

Matthew Rodriguez


Jessica Brust

Jessica Brust - Web

Melissa Cook

Melissa Cook Headshot  

Krystle Simmons

Krystle Simmons - Web

Vicki Van Tassel

Vicki Van Tassel

Zoran Duke Rausavljevich 

Zoran Duke Rausalvjevich - Web

Zach Gregus

Zachary D Gregus






Camilla Twisselman

Camilla Twisselman 

Charles Feuerstine Jr.

Charles Feuerstine 

Jalin Hsu

Jalin Hsu

Kathleen Burgoon

Kathleen Burgoon

 Marcus S. Daniel

Marcus S. Daniel Headshot 

William Martinez

William Martinez 2



Sara  Gabe enjoying a milk shake from the Steak N Shake in Cannes France

Sara & Gabe enjoying a milk shake from the Steak N' Shake in Cannes, France!

Adam  Dedrick alpaca shopping 

Adam & Dedrick alpaca shopping in Alaska.

Beautiful Photos of Anastasia and Jovani in Honfleur

Beautiful Photos of Anastasia and Jovani in Honfleur!

Camilla at the Fjords  

Camilla at the Fjords!

Last Spirit cast SSD

Final S.S.D for the second to last Spirit cast.


Will  Jalin having lunch by the Castle in Tallin Estonia

Will & Jalin having lunch by the Castle in Tallin, Estonia!

Emma in Croatia with a friendly pooch

Emma in Croatia with a friendly pooch!

Cute photo of Kashena and her mom in Amsterdam

Cute photo of Kashena and her mom in Amsterdam!

Marcuss selfie at St. Isaacs Cathedral in St. Petersburg

Marcus's selfie at St. Isaacs Cathedral in St. Petersburg.

Last ABBA show for the last Spirit cast

FINAL ABBA for the last Spirit cast! FIERCE!

Duke at the Hubbard Glacier

Duke at the Hubbard Glacier.

Brother cheering on USA in the FIFA cup

The Brother's cheering on USA in the FIFA cup!

Gabe singing in San Pietro di Positano

Gabe singing in San Pietro di Positano!

Fun photo of Kara in Germany

Fun photo of Kara in Germany!


New Shadow Cast dressed in their best

The Shadow Cast dressed in their best!


Matt has arrived in Athens Greece

Matt has arrived in Athens, Greece!

Matthew in Venice

Matthew in Venice!

Whisper cast doing their Edelweiss sing-a-long

Whisper cast doing their Edelweiss sing-a-long.

Brianne  Brians quick stop to Buckingham Palace during their 10 hour layover

Brianne & Brians quick stop to Buckingham Palace during their 10 hour layover!

Fun Photo of the Cloud in a theme park in Copenhagen Denmark

Fun Photo of the Cloud in a theme park in Copenhagen, Denmark.


Sara David and Kayla on the Wind

Sara, David, and Kayla on the Wind.

Jasons 3 bags packed and all under 50lbs

Jasons 3 bags packed and all under 50lbs!



 Brett Palmer Parker 

Brett Parker

Brielle Batino

Brielle Batino 2

Brittany Weir

Brittany Weir

Christopher Reid Lee

Christopher Reid Lee 

 Courtney Cunningham

Courtney Cunningham

 The Cunninghams On Stage 

Dahni Trujillo

 Dahni Piro

Dustin Cunningham

Dustin Cunningham

The Cunninghams On Stage

 Elizabeth Smith

Elizabeth Smith

Francesca Camus

Francesca Camus

 James Francis


 Jason Andino 

Jason Headshot

 Laura Yanez

Laura Yanez

Madison Bentley


Mica Dominguez-Robinson